This is going to be an extravaganza! There is a lot happening at this wedding. You’re welcome to come to as much or as little of it as you’d like.

Saturday Afternoon Fun

Wanna make a weekend of it? Come on down a little earlier and enjoy the fun and beauty of Attunga.

Happy in the middle of Bangadilly National Park, you can spend the afternoon playing sport, swimming, canoeing, bush walking, going on the flying fox, or just reading a book in the sun. 

Saturday Night Party

We’ve got the food, the band, the bonfire, and the dance floor sorted, now all we need is an awesome crowd to help us celebrate the night before our wedding.

We’re calling it a preception, it’s like a reception but without the cake and speeches and there hasn’t been a marriage yet.

Just don’t get too sloshed, you’ve got a wedding to attend in the morning.

When it’s all over you can crawl into bed in some of Attunga’s classy and amazingly priced accommodation, or you can head off to one of the other local overnight accommodation options.

Sunday Morning Ceremony

This is it! This is the wedding!

There’ll be vows, dresses, singing, rings and everything! 

The ceremony will be followed by a fantastic lunch, speeches and cake cutting. If you can only make it to one thing, this is the bit to come to.

Don’t worry, it won’t go all day, we have a honeymoon to get to.