Weddings are exciting events that bring out the generosity in people. We know we have a wonderful bunch of friends and family who would love to give us gifts to help us along in our new life. And while we love gifts as much as the next young couple, Tom’s many years of bachelorhood mean that we will have almost everything we need to start a new life together. Instead of racking our brains to think of things you could give us, we thought this would be a great opportunity to bless those who have materially less than we do. So if you were planning to give a gift and would like to give something, we would love you to give to International Justice Mission. Apart from having an awesome name, IJM Australia partners with IJM globally in their work to protect the poor from slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. You can find a link to the donation page below. However, please feel no pressure. Only give if you feel you would like to and can afford it.  Weddings are about celebrating commitment, not gifts and donations, so donation or no donation, we’ll be excited to see you at our wedding.

Click here to visit our wedding donation page.

Click here to learn more about IJM so you know what you’re giving to.